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Focus on delivering expertise , skills and knowledge in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Our Mission

Jai-kin Resources Corporation is an advocate of the Filipino workers who believe in his/her innate capacities and his/her desire to do quality work. It is our mission to bring the Filipino workers to every corner of the world and to make him competitive in the global market.

Our Vision

Jai-kin Resources Corp. will continuously provide world class service to our valued clients in different part of the world by supplying competent and qualified Filipino workers now and in the future.

“Be the bridge for Quality Filipino Workers”

Jai-kin Resources Corp. (JKRC) recognizes the global needs for quality workers. We want to provide our clients with world class personalized service and be the bridge in providing Filipinos the opportunity for productive work overseas. JKRC is an advocate of Filipino workers.

To Accomplish this , we aspire to:

Consistently supply and provide our valued clients with Filipino workers who are reliable, skilled and devoted to their work. Attain all the requirements of our clients in the shortest possible time. Be a good partner with government agencies in ensuring the welfare of our clients and workers.

Brief History

Jai-kin Resources Corp. is a duly authorized and POEA license agency with POEA Licensed Number 019-LB-041013-R that has been organized on October, 2004. We have been serving our client for seven years and we will continue to recruit, to hire and to process manpower for our accredited foreign principals. We have proficient experience in recruitment specifically in the field construction, oil and gas industry, health care, telecom, food service industries and others.

Service Procedure

1. Recruitment

JKRC will provide database of good Filipino workers based on the skills needed, years of experience, age ( if needed) and other qualification needed by the employer.

2. Trade Test

JKRC will assist in the trade testing of candidates with the internationally certified affiliate testing centers and the government training center – TESDA ( Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) for testing, evaluation, qualification and certification of the

3. Selection

The clients can do the selection based on the qualifications of candidates. If trade testing is required, such testing will be done prior to selection. The clients can also do interview face to face, through webcam interview or through phone interview. JKRC will coordinate in the interview process with regards to the venue, the time and date.

4. Documentation

After candidates have been selected, documentation will be process such as working visa, POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Authority) mandatory insurance, POEA exit permit, and other documents needed for deployment of the worker. JKRC will send reports to client to help the client monitor the progress of the documentation. We answer all client’s queries with in the span of 24 hours after receiving such queries.

5. Mobilization

Upon completion of all needed documents of the workers, preparation for mobilization of the workers to the country of deployment begin. We will coordinate with the client for the airfare tickets of the workers, if such will be provided by client thru PTA ( Purchase Ticket Advice) or JKRC will purchase the ticket locally on the dates requested by the client. JKRC will prepay the cost of tickets and subsequently be billed to the client. On the other hand, we will notify the workers of the date of deployment. We will orient and brief the workers of the culture , Laws and Regulation of the host country and the preparation needed for the workers’ easy adjustment and integration with the host country. JKRC will inform the workers of the airport procedures and protocol for a hassle free flight abroad.

Service Fee

Service Fee

JKRC will confer an optimum fee depending on the type of service desired by the client to their full benefit and satisfaction and to the acceleration of the recruitment process.

Vacationer & Rehire Service Fee

For those returning workers for vacation or rehired by employers, for a minimal fee, JKRC can process all the document requirements such as clearances Airfare tickets to ensure that their return to work will be on schedule.

Job Hiring

We have proficient experience in recruitment specifically in the field construction, oil and gas industry, health care, telecom, food service industries and others.
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Contact Us

Office Address:
Unit 6 Patio Madrigal Compound 2550 Roxas Blvd, Pasay City
Call us:
(+632) 831-7093
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